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End Mills-usage,milling machine,types


This post will introduce the use of the end mills.

End mills are used in milling applications such as profile milling, tracer milling, face milling, and plunging. An end mill is a tool used on a milling machine, a machine found in a metal working shop that is used to remove material from a metal block to make it into a finished part. It is one of the tools used on the milling machine to make a particular type of cut.

Different types of end mills have different using methods.

  • Square end mills: available for rough milling, to remove a large number of rough, and milling small area, horizontal plane or contour;
  • Ball end mills:  available for  curve semi-finish milling and finishing milling; the tool can finishing milling the steep surface / straight wall of the small chamfer;
  • End mill with chamfering: available for rough milling to remove a large number of rough, as well as to finish milling the fine surface (relative to the steep surface) small chamfer;

There are still many end mills that haven’t been listed, but I will put them on the latter post.


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