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Turning inserts-cutting tool,diamond cutting tools


Processing method

The car is fine: the depth of cut and feed value of minimum cutting speed as high as 150 ~ 2000m/min. Fine cars generally use cubic boron, boron (CBN), diamond and other superhard materials cutting tools, the machine must also be spindle, can be used for high-speed rotation, and has a high degree of stiffness of high-precision or precision machine tools. The machining accuracy and surface roughness of the fine vehicle are approximately equal to that of the ordinary cylindrical grinding. The machining accuracy can reach IT6 or more, and the surface roughness Ra can reach 0.4 to 0.005 M. The utility model is mainly used for the precision processing of the non-ferrous metal workpieces with poor grinding performance and is more effective for the workpieces such as aluminum and aluminum alloy which is easy to block the pores of the grinding wheel. Fine grinding machines can be used instead of grinding when machining large precision outer cylindrical surfaces.

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