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Thread milling-machine tools,thread milling cutter


Thread milling is performed on three axis machine tools (machining centers). When the X and Y axes go G03/G02 turns, the Z axis moves at the same time as the pitch P.


This cost is lower, while the single thread cutter too expensive silk attack, but to a single threaded hole of the wire cost.

This high precision, to achieve precision thread milling cutter compensation, customers choose thread precision they need.

Very good finish, thread milling the teeth than beautiful school.

Very long service life, thread milling cutter life is more than 10 times the wire tapping or even dozens of times, reduce the tool change time and adjusting the machine.

You are not afraid of broken, broken wire may attack will cause the workpiece scrapped, even for broken thread cutter can be extracted easily, the workpiece does not discard.

The processing efficiency is much higher than that by thread milling screw.

You can blind hole thread cutter milling to the bottom wire can not attack.

For some materials, the thread cutter can be drilled. Forming a chamfer milling teeth., screw tap can not.

A thread cutter can be internal and external threads to processing different spin silk attack.

By the same pitch screw holes of different sizes, need to replace several wire tapping, thread milling cutter can be used.

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