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Universal tool holder-machine tool,CNC horizontal lathe

Universal tool holder

Preparation for commissioning

Machine geometry precision test after passing the need to clean up the machine. With a cotton cloth or silk cloth soaked in detergent, shall not use cotton yarn or gauze. Rinse off the machine tool to protect the rail surface and the processing of the surface and coated with anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint. Clean the dust on the outer surface of the machine. In the sliding surface and the work surface coated with machine tools to make oil.

Carefully check all parts of the machine according to the requirements of the added oil, cooling tank whether to add enough coolant. Machine hydraulic station, automatic lubrication device oil is to the oil level device specified parts.

Check the electrical control box of the switches and components are normal, the interposer integrated circuit board is in place.

Power to start concentrated lubrication installed Xuan, so that the lubrication parts and lubricants Road is full of lubricants. Do all the parts of the machine before the action of all preparations.

Commissioning and acceptance

Acceptance of CNC lathes should be promulgated and implemented by the state “CNC horizontal lathe manufacturing and acceptance of technical requirements” in the acceptance process, such as a dispute, should be based on relevant state standards, resolved through consultation.

Unpacking acceptance

According to the random packing list and the list of the specific annex to the contract on the box one by one check the items. And check the record. Has the following content:

The box is intact, the machine has no obvious appearance damage, is rust, paint stripping;

Whether technical information, is complete;

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