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empty moving test-single cutting tool, heavy cutting

empty moving test

  1. The main driving mechanism running test shall not be less than 1 hour at the maximum speed, the temperature of spindle bearing does not exceed 70 ℃, the temperature rise value does not exceed 40 ℃;
  2. Continuous air running test, the exercise time of not less than 8 hours, each cycle time is not greater than 15 minutes. Stop at the end of each cycle, and simulate the Songkai workpiece movement, parking no more than one minute, and then continue to run.

load test

The user prepares drawings and blanks for typical parts, programs and enters programs under the guidance of the manufacturer’s commissioning personnel, selects the cutting tools and the amount of cutting. The load test can be carried out as follows three steps, roughing, heavy cutting, fine car. Each step is divided into single cutting and cycle cutting program. After each cut is completed, the actual size of the machined part is checked and compared with the command value to check the running accuracy of the machine under load, that is, the comprehensive machining precision of the machine tool and the indexing accuracy of the turret.


Machine out of the box acceptance, functional testing, air-run test, the load test is completed, the processing of qualified products, you can apply for acceptance of transfer procedures. If there is a problem, the manufacturer should be responsible for solving it.

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