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CNC lathe-Tooling lathe,CNC machining process

Back to eat the amount of choice: back to eat the amount of knife according to the choice of machine tools, fixtures and workpiece stiffness and machine power to determine. In the process system allows the case, try to choose a larger amount of back to eat the knife. In addition to leaving the remainder of the process, the remaining roughing allowance as much as possible once removed, so that the minimum number of passes.

Normally on a medium-power machine, the roughing back knife is 8 to 10 mm (unilateral). CNC lathe factory semi-finishing back to eat the amount of knife is 0.5 ~ 5 mm; finishing back eat the amount of knife 0 2 ~ 1.5 mm.

Determination of feed: When the quality requirements of the workpiece can be guaranteed, in order to improve productivity, choose a higher feed rate. CNC lathe cut off, deep hole turning or fine car, should choose a lower feed rate. The feed rate should be adapted to the spindle speed and back feed amount. Roughing, the choice of feed is limited by the cutting force.

Tooling lathe

Determine the processing route

Processing route refers to CNC machining process, the tool relative to the parts of the trajectory and direction.

1, should be able to ensure the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements;

2, should try to shorten the processing route, reduce tool-free travel time.

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