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High-performance end mills for stainless steel- vertical milling cutter, high-temperature alloys

Current high-performance end mills for stainless steel are designed to minimize the impact of processing hardened materials. The vertical milling cutter has a unique spiral angle and optimized grooved geometry, which can maximize the metal removal rate of stainless steel and high-temperature alloys.

The variable flute end mills are also very good performers in stainless steel and work hardening materials.

Custom oriented tool designing, innovated from technology, based on 100% custom’s satisfaction motto. Higher hardness, higher wear resistance, higher toughness, better deflection and fracture resistance, results in a long life and good size accuracy, coating: bronze coating, Stainless steel milling cutter.Abundant tool choices, suitable for every aspect of today’s routing work requirements

Suitable for dry milling applications at high temperatures.General Purpose as Coating.Suitable for most of the materials.Conventional or High-Speed Milling, Wet or Dry Cutting.General milling operation, Slotting, Side Cutting, Machining die cavity gives you increased productivity and decreased tooling cost with satisfaction.

We use ultrafine particles of tungsten steel raw material, with high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, effectively guarantee a high wear resistance and service life. We use our own carbide rod for 90% of cutting tools.

The hardness, oxidation resistance and thermal stability of the specialty coatings have been optimized for hard and high-speed machining. Fast coating, with good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and heat resistance, has excellent heat insulation and cathodic protection. Even for high-strength and hard-to-cut materials, the coating prevents wear and adhesion over the entire cutting speed range.

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