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Ceramic vertical milling cutter-heat-resistant alloy,end milling cutter

Excellent efficiency and tool life

Ceramic vertical milling cutter is used to process heat-resistant alloy in a completely different way than hard alloy end milling cutter. In fact, it is not “processing” but describes the mechanism as “scratch”. Because of the excellent resistance of the ceramic to the heat generated during the processing, the edge of the cutter has a little bit of welding, but there is no obvious damage. Therefore, compared with the carbide end milling cutter, the cutter life of ceramic end mill is significantly longer. In addition, hard alloy end mills usually break down at the beginning of processing, but ceramic end mills can process up to 35 meters. The carbide end milling cutter is not designed for high-efficiency cutting, but ceramic vertical milling cutter, so it has obvious advantages. However, when using ceramic end mills, the emphasis is placed on the challenge requirements of the machine tool. This is because of the amount of heat needed to soften the material without causing wear or other damage. Therefore, the spindle of machine tool must be able to withstand high speed, because of this, the machining of ceramic end mills requires the highest quality machine tools.

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