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titanium alloy-high-performance milling,

This means that in the depth reaches 1 x the depth of the cutter diameter, in the depth of the diameter of 1.5 times, even in stainless steel, titanium alloy and other high temperature of the air, also can achieve 50% of the radial contact. Muller said he...
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VHM tool-cutting tool,end mill cutter

This top coating technical standard is also used in the new Superstar 4G. Under the condition of temperature stability, using the most advanced grinding machine, special tile coating and the end of the additional processing, can also help in the process of the high performance of high-performance computing...
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end milling cutter-Starmax terminal mill,strict tool

In VHM – HPC general concept of end milling cutter Superstar¬†(diameter: 3-25 mm), tool manufacturers CalloyTools from golden torres recently created the high performance of steel materials milling, quick and low cost. Jochen is CalloyTools Eckerle production supervisor: “thanks to the design of many advantages, our VHM –...
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