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Drill bit-cutting tool,flat drill,center drill

Drill Bit A drill is a cutting tool that removes material by rotating motion to produce holes. The drill has many sizes and shapes and has been standardized (metric and inch), its cross section is almost always circular, but some special drill bits can produce noncircular cross section...
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Drills-drill bit,drilling machine,center drill

PCB bit types PCB drill point of drill bit type: PCB drilling with three straight shank twist drill, drill shank twist drill bits and handle the shovel (undercut) bit.Straight shank twist drill bits are used for the single head drilling machine, drilling and simpler PCB or single panel...
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Drills-flat drill,deep hole drill,center drill

Flat drill The cutting part of the flat drill is shovel shaped, simple in structure and low in manufacturing cost. The cutting fluid is easy to be introduced into the hole, but the performance of cutting and chip removal is poor. The structure of flat drill is composed...
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