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Turnings-machine tool,cutting tool

Lathe operation (1) Before the work according to the provisions of the lubrication of the machine tool, check whether the handle in place and the slow running five minutes, confirm that all the normal operation can. (2) The chuck shall be firmly fastened; when it is switched on,...
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Turning Inserts-cutting tools,diamond tools

Process characteristics 1, easy to guarantee the workpiece location accuracy of each processing surface A, for example, is easy to guarantee cordiality requirements The workpiece is installed with a chuck, and the rotary axis is the axis of the spindle of the lathe Install the workpiece with the center...
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cutting tools-milling cutter,end mill

Rational use and selection of combined cutting tools In order to adapt to the manufacturing technology facing the product diversification of higher production efficiency and environmental protection requirements, have appeared in high-speed cutting, the new processing technology of dry cutting. The cutting time of high speed cutting technology...
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